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A multi-disciplinary operational K9 search dog capability. The team are qualified to facilitate deployment into a wide variety of search scenarios.

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Specialist Search Dogs are a team of volunteers, professionally trained in nationally recognised qualifications to offer the highest level of search service.


K9s have been selected based on their working ability from some of the top international bloodlines. The dogs regularly train together and are assessed annually to ensure the team are always capable to respond.


Through collaboration with some of our partners the team is fully prepared and equipped to deal with any conditions and any search scenario.

Live Person
Air scent search

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Live Person
Trailing / Tracking 

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Cadaver search
Land Search

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Cadaver Search
Water search

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Aerial Search
Drone Searches 

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Water Support

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Awareness Programs

Awareness programs are a way of educating and engaging local communities.  It is designed to show the capability that Specialist Search Dogs can offer and how dogs can be deployed to find missing people.  This covers dogs and equipment and how they are used in search scenarios.